Registered Office Address

Our affordable Registered Office Address service gives you a Glasgow city centre address regardless of where you run your business from.

All Companies must by law have a registered address where official documents from HMRC, Companies House etc... can be delivered. Unfortunately your address details will be made public and will appear on websites and official documents.

This means that you open yourself to clients, and possibly even competitors, turning up at your door unannounced. Potential customers can also view where you are trading from using software like Google Maps and may not be impressed when they see that you are trading from a domestic address or an unglamorous premises, rather than an office block. This alone might, rather unfairly, cast doubt in their mind regarding your suitability for the project they had in mind.

Using our address as your registered office allows you to use our prestigious St Enoch Square address as your trading address which will instantly give an established feel to your company, giving potential clients confidence that you can do what you claim.

Using a virtual address is an established and fully accepted practice that many companies all over the world use, so you can be sure that you are not breaking any business rules or laws by using one.

When mail arrives at our address we simply gather it together on a daily or weekly basis and post it to your real address. If there is a particularly urgent piece of mail that you are waiting on we can arrange a courier to deliver it to you as soon as we have it. We only charge you the cost price for this and, unlike some companies, we don't charge any handling fees. Our pricing is completely transparent.

Directors service address (per director of a limited company) is £5.00 per month. Registered office address is £5.00 per month.

The only additional costs will be the cost of first class postage for weekly or monthly mail forwarding.

   What would your business address look like?

Your Business Name
34 St Enoch Square
G1 4DF

The use of our virtual office addresses are subject to you providing us with satisfactory evidence of business identity in accordance with MLR.

Full Identity checks will be carried out in accordance with current legislation. This will apply to Sole Traders, Ltd Companies, PLC's and Partnerships.

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To find out more about our Registered Office service please call us anytime on 0141 243 2870. We look forward to hearing from you.