Rent a Mailbox

If you are looking to rent a city centre Mailbox you will not get better rates or service on Mailbox Hire that with us. Guaranteed.

Our Mailbox rental service is a simple and easy virtual mailbox service where you have all of your company mail sent to our city centre address that you pick up whenever you like.

Virtual Mailboxes allow small businesses and those working from home to to portray a professional image and have a prestigious city centre address without the costs involved in having a physical presence in the heart of the city. We don't use PO Box numbers in your address either, giving you the more professional looking street address instead.

All mailboxes are highly secure. You will receive your own key and can access your mail from Monday to Friday 8am until 6pm and on Saturday's from 9am until 1pm.

Mailboxes are ideal for people in the following situations:

People living or working at a temporary address. Important mail won't go missing when you change to a new address as it will always come to us.
People living in shared accommodation. If you are sharing a flat or living in a halls of residence there's always the risk that important mail could be mislaid or even stolen before you see it. A Mailbox from us will avoid this situation arising.
Are you moving away, possibly abroad? If you find that you moving abroad or away from your home address for a period of time we can take your mail and forward it onto you are regular intervals.

Mailbox Rental Packages:

Mailing agreements are £15.00 per month if paying by monthly Direct Debit or £10.00 per month if paid annually.


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To find out more about our Virtual Mailbox service call us anytime on 0141 243 2870. We look forward to hearing from you.